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Distances from Subotica

Distances from Subotica to the largest cities and places in Serbia. Have a closer look at the distances from Subotica to the largest places in Serbia.

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Distances from Subotica to the largest places in Serbia
Novo Selo Novo Selo1.21119 km 12 mishow
Kanjiza Kanjiža2.10,20030 km 19 mishow
Adorjan Adorjan3.1,20331 km 19 mishow
Backa Topola Bačka Topola4.16,15432 km 20 mishow
Gornji Breg Gornji Breg5.2,53634 km 21 mishow
Novi Knezevac Novi Kneževac6.8,16634 km 21 mishow
Sanad Sanad7.1,58437 km 23 mishow
Senta Senta8.20,30237 km 23 mishow
Coka Čoka9.5,41441 km 25 mishow
Stanisic Stanišić10.5,47643 km 26 mishow
Sterijino Sterijino11.43443 km 27 mishow
Ridica Riđica12.3,18645 km 28 mishow
Ostojicevo Ostojićevo13.3,39545 km 28 mishow
Podlokanj Podlokanj14.27448 km 30 mishow
Jazovo Jazovo15.1,26148 km 30 mishow
Padej Padej16.3,46549 km 30 mishow
Crna Bara Crna Bara17.67849 km 31 mishow
Banatski Monostor Banatski Monoštor18.20250 km 31 mishow
Vrbica Vrbica19.65451 km 32 mishow
Gakovo Gakovo20.2,12252 km 32 mishow
Mol Mol21.7,95052 km 32 mishow
Backo Petrovo Selo Bačko Petrovo Selo22.8,95954 km 34 mishow
Sajan Sajan23.1,65555 km 34 mishow
Sombor Sombor24.48,45456 km 35 mishow
Tiszahegyes Tiszahegyes25.2,33859 km 37 mishow
Vrbas Vrbas26.25,90759 km 37 mishow
Bocar Bočar27.2,09560 km 37 mishow
Backi Breg Bački Breg28.1,77060 km 38 mishow
Mokrin Mokrin29.6,56761 km 38 mishow
Becej Bečej30.25,77461 km 38 mishow
Kolut Kolut31.1,88662 km 38 mishow
Kupusina Kupusina32.2,69465 km 40 mishow
Novo Milosevo Novo Miloševo33.7,80565 km 40 mishow
Prigrevica Prigrevica34.5,02665 km 40 mishow
Doroslovo Doroslovo35.2,13166 km 41 mishow
Kikinda Kikinda36.41,93569 km 43 mishow
Backo Gradiste Bačko Gradište37.5,76469 km 43 mishow
Apatin Apatin38.18,32071 km 44 mishow
Sonta Sonta39.5,99172 km 44 mishow
Zmajevo Zmajevo40.4,54772 km 45 mishow
Despotovo Despotovo41.2,07772 km 45 mishow
Ravno Selo Ravno Selo42.3,57473 km 45 mishow
Nakovo Nakovo43.2,60474 km 46 mishow
Bogojevo Bogojevo44.2,31276 km 47 mishow
Kumane Kumane45.4,32176 km 47 mishow
Stepanovicevo Stepanovićevo46.1,99976 km 48 mishow
Curug Čurug47.9,23177 km 48 mishow
Basaid Bašaid48.3,86477 km 48 mishow
Kulpin Kulpin49.3,20778 km 48 mishow
Banatska Topola Banatska Topola50.1,46378 km 49 mishow

1 - 50 of 444 places
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