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Largest places in Serbia

The largest cities and places in Serbia at a glance on one page. Have a closer look at the largest places in Serbia.

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Largest places in Serbia
Belgrade Belgrade1.Central Serbia Central Serbia1,273,651
Nis Niš2.Central Serbia Central Serbia250,000
Novi Sad Novi Sad3.Vojvodina Vojvodina215,400
Zemun Zemun4.Central Serbia Central Serbia155,591
Kragujevac Kragujevac5.Central Serbia Central Serbia147,473
Cacak Čačak6.Central Serbia Central Serbia117,072
Subotica Subotica7.Vojvodina Vojvodina100,000
Leskovac Leskovac8.Central Serbia Central Serbia94,758
Novi Pazar Novi Pazar9.Central Serbia Central Serbia85,996
Kraljevo Kraljevo10.Central Serbia Central Serbia82,846
Zrenjanin Zrenjanin11.Vojvodina Vojvodina79,773
Pancevo Pančevo12.Vojvodina Vojvodina76,654
Krusevac Kruševac13.Central Serbia Central Serbia75,256
Uzice Užice14.Central Serbia Central Serbia63,577
Smederevo Smederevo15.Central Serbia Central Serbia62,000
Valjevo Valjevo16.Central Serbia Central Serbia61,035
Vranje Vranje17.Central Serbia Central Serbia56,199
Sabac Šabac18.Central Serbia Central Serbia55,114
Zajecar Zaječar19.Central Serbia Central Serbia49,800
Trstenik Trstenik20.Central Serbia Central Serbia49,043
Sombor Sombor21.Vojvodina Vojvodina48,454
Kikinda Kikinda22.Vojvodina Vojvodina41,935
Pozarevac Požarevac23.Central Serbia Central Serbia41,736
Pirot Pirot24.Central Serbia Central Serbia40,678
Bor Bor25.Central Serbia Central Serbia39,387
Sremska Mitrovica Sremska Mitrovica26.Vojvodina Vojvodina39,084
Vrsac Vršac27.Vojvodina Vojvodina36,300
Jagodina Jagodina28.Central Serbia Central Serbia35,589
Ruma Ruma29.Vojvodina Vojvodina32,229
Backa Palanka Bačka Palanka30.Vojvodina Vojvodina29,449
Prokuplje Prokuplje31.Central Serbia Central Serbia27,673
Smederevska Palanka Smederevska Palanka32.Central Serbia Central Serbia27,000
Ingija Inđija33.Vojvodina Vojvodina26,247
Vrbas Vrbas34.Vojvodina Vojvodina25,907
Becej Bečej35.Vojvodina Vojvodina25,774
Knjazevac Knjazevac36.Central Serbia Central Serbia25,000
Arangelovac Aranđelovac37.Central Serbia Central Serbia24,309
Gornji Milanovac Gornji Milanovac38.Central Serbia Central Serbia23,982
Lazarevac Lazarevac39.Central Serbia Central Serbia23,551
Sremcica Sremčica40.Central Serbia Central Serbia23,000
Cuprija Ćuprija41.Central Serbia Central Serbia20,585
Senta Senta42.Vojvodina Vojvodina20,302
Apatin Apatin43.Vojvodina Vojvodina18,320
Negotin Negotin44.Central Serbia Central Serbia17,612
Obrenovac Obrenovac45.Central Serbia Central Serbia16,821
Stara Pazova Stara Pazova46.Vojvodina Vojvodina16,217
Backa Topola Bačka Topola47.Vojvodina Vojvodina16,154
Nova Pazova Nova Pazova48.Vojvodina Vojvodina15,488
Kovin Kovin49.Vojvodina Vojvodina14,250
Petrovaradin Petrovaradin50.Vojvodina Vojvodina13,917

1 - 50 of 445 places
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