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Places in Serbia with SA

Search and find places in Serbia with first letters SA.

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Alphabetical index of places in Serbia with SA

There are 127 places in Serbia beginning with 'SA' (in alphabetical order).
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Places in Serbia with SA
Sabac Šabac1.Central Serbia Central Serbia55,114
Sabanovici Šabanovići2.-
Sabazovica Sabazovica3.-
Sadane Sadane4.-
Sadavac Sađavac5.-
Sadljike Sadljike6.-
Sadovine Sadovine7.-
Sagonjevo Sagonjevo8.-
Sainovac Šainovac9.-
Sainovina Sainovina10.-
Sajam Sajam11.-
Sajan Sajan12.1,655
Sajince Šajince13.-
Sajinovac Šajinovac14.-
Sajkas Šajkaš15.Vojvodina Vojvodina3,541
Sajkovac Sajkovac16.5
Sajnov Kraj Šajnov Kraj17.-
Sakar Sakar18.-
Sakotinac Šakotinac19.-
Sakovici Sakovići20.-
Sakule Sakule21.2,280
Sakulja Sakulja22.-
Salakovac Salakovac23.-
Salas Salaš24.-
Salas Crnobarski Salaš Crnobarski25.1,538
Salas Nocajski Salaš Noćajski26.1,876
Salasi Salaši27.-
Salinac Šalinac28.-
Salipioi Salipioi29.-
Saludovac Šaludovac30.-
Samaila Samaila31.-
Samardzici Samardžići32.-
Samardziska Mahala Samardžiska Mahala33.-
Samarinovac Samarinovac34.-
Samarinovac Samarinovac35.-
Samarnica Samarnica36.-
Samcekinci Samčekinci37.-
Samcevica Samčevića38.-
Samin Do Šamin Do39.-
Samokovo Samokovo40.-
Samoljica Samoljica41.Central Serbia Central Serbia2,852
Samos Samoš42.1,658
Sanac Šanac43.-
Sanac Šanac44.-
Sanad Sanad45.1,584
Sandalj Sandalj46.-
Sangovci Sangovci47.-
Sanik Šanik48.-
Sankovic Sanković49.-
Sanovina Šanovina50.-

1 - 50 of 127 places
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