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Places in Serbia with GL

Search and find places in Serbia with first letters GL.

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Alphabetical index of places in Serbia with GL

There are 52 places in Serbia beginning with 'GL' (in alphabetical order).
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Page 1:   Gladovici   to   Glusci
Places in Serbia with GL
Gladovici Gladovići1.-
Glasince Glašince2.-
Glasovik Glasovik3.382
Glavacici Glavačići4.-
Glavaj Glavaj5.-
Glavica Glavica6.-
Glavica Glavica7.-
Glavinci Glavinci8.-
Glavinici Glavinići9.-
Glavo Glavo10.5
Glavonjici Glavonjići11.-
Gledece Gledeće12.-
Gledic Gledić13.-
Gledica Gleđica14.-
Glibovac Glibovac15.-
Gligorici Gligorići16.-
Gligorici Gligorići17.-
Glijeca Gliječa18.-
Glisici Glišići19.-
Globare Globare20.-
Globoder Globoder21.4
Glog Glog22.-
Gloginjici Gloginjići23.-
Glogonj Glogonj24.-
Glogonjski Rit Glogonjski Rit25.-
Glogov Dol Mahala Glogov Dol Mahala26.-
Glogovac Glogovac27.-
Glogovac Glogovac28.-
Glogovac Glogovac29.998
Glogovac Glogovac30.-
Glogovac Glogovac31.Central Serbia Central Serbia1,000
Glogovecki Dol Glogovečki Dol32.-
Glogovica Glogovica33.-
Glogovica Glogovica34.-
Glogovik Glogovik35.-
Glosanska Mahala Glošanska Mahala36.-
Gloska Lipa Gloška Lipa37.-
Gloskoplaninska Mahala Gloškoplaninska Mahala38.-
Glozan Gložan39.2,487
Glozane Gložane40.-
Glozane Gložane41.-
Glozde Gložde42.-
Glozje Gložje43.-
Glozje Gložje44.-
Gluhavica Gluhavica45.-
Glumac Glumač46.-
Glumcevo Brdo Glumčevo Brdo47.-
Glumci Glumci48.-
Gluscevici Gluščevići49.-
Glusci Glušci50.-

1 - 50 of 52 places
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