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Places in Serbia with BA

Search and find places in Serbia with first letters BA.

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Alphabetical index of places in Serbia with BA

There are 260 places in Serbia beginning with 'BA' (in alphabetical order).
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Page 2:   Backi Gracac   to   Balajinac
Places in Serbia with BA
Backi Gracac Bački Gračac51.-
Backi Jarak Bački Jarak52.-
Backi Monostor Bački Monoštor53.4
Backi Petrovac Bački Petrovac54.Vojvodina Vojvodina7,229
Backi Sokolac Bački Sokolac55.-
Backi Vinogradi Bački Vinogradi56.-
Backo Dobro Polje Bačko Dobro Polje57.-
Backo Dusanovo Bačko Dušanovo58.-
Backo Gradiste Bačko Gradište59.5,764
Backo Novo Selo Bačko Novo Selo60.-
Backo Petrovo Selo Bačko Petrovo Selo61.8,959
Bacoglava Baćoglava62.-
Bacviste Bačvište63.-
Badanj Badanj64.-
Badince Badince65.-
Badisici Badišići66.-
Badljevica Badljevica67.-
Badnjevac Badnjevac68.-
Badnjevac Badnjevac69.-
Badnjevo Badnjevo70.5
Badovinci Badovinci71.5,879
Bagacice Bagačiće72.-
Bagrdan Bagrdan73.-
Bagremovo Bagremovo74.-
Bainovska Mahala Bainovska Mahala75.-
Bajcetina Bajčetina76.-
Bajcince Bajčince77.-
Bajevac Bajevac78.-
Bajevica Bajevica79.-
Bajica Kraj Bajića Kraj80.-
Bajica Mala Bajića Mala81.-
Bajici Bajići82.-
Bajina Basta Bajina Bašta83.Central Serbia Central Serbia8,533
Bajinci Bajinci84.-
Bajinova Mahala Bajinova Mahala85.-
Bajir Bajir86.-
Bajmok Bajmok87.-
Bajnovace Bajnovače88.-
Bajnovici Bajnovići89.-
Bajovica Lazovi Bajovica Lazovi90.-
Bajovici Bajovići91.-
Bajsa Bajša92.-
Bakalovina Bakalovina93.-
Bakalovina Bakalovina94.-
Bakici Bakići95.-
Bakionica Bakionica96.-
Bakovici Bakovići97.-
Bakraclici Bakračlići98.-
Balacka Balačka99.-
Balajinac Balajinac100.-

51 - 100 of 260 places
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