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Places in Serbia with BA

Search and find places in Serbia with first letters BA.

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Alphabetical index of places in Serbia with BA

There are 260 places in Serbia beginning with 'BA' (in alphabetical order).
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Places in Serbia with BA
Ba Ba1.-
Baba Karinci Baba Karinci2.-
Babac Babać3.-
Babajic Babajić4.-
Babanici Babanići5.-
Babatrenci Babatrenci6.-
Babe Babe7.-
Babica Babica8.-
Babicevi Babićevi9.-
Babici Babići10.-
Babici Babići11.-
Babici Babići12.-
Babicko Babičko13.-
Babin Babin14.-
Babin Dol Babin Dol15.-
Babin Kal Babin Kal16.-
Babin Potok Babin Potok17.-
Babina Luka Babina Luka18.-
Babina Poljana Babina Poljana19.-
Babotinac Babotinac20.-
Babrez Babrež21.-
Babusnica Babušnica22.Central Serbia Central Serbia-
Bac Bač23.Vojvodina Vojvodina-
Bacaklija Bacaklija24.-
Bace Bace25.509
Bacetici Bacetići26.-
Bacevac Baćevac27.-
Bacevac Bačevac28.-
Bacevci Bačevci29.-
Bacevci Bačevci30.-
Bacevci Bačevci31.-
Bacevica Bačevica32.-
Bacevina Bačevina33.-
Baceviste Bačevište34.-
Baceviste Bačevište35.-
Bacevo Bačevo36.-
Bacice Bačiće37.-
Bacice Bačiće38.-
Bacija Bačija39.-
Bacije Bačije40.-
Bacijevce Bacijevce41.-
Bacilovina Bačilovina42.-
Bacina Bačina43.4
Bacinac Bačinac44.-
Bacinci Bačinci45.-
Bacine Baćine46.-
Backa Palanka Bačka Palanka47.Vojvodina Vojvodina29,449
Backa Topola Bačka Topola48.Vojvodina Vojvodina16,154
Backi Breg Bački Breg49.1,770
Backi Brestovac Bački Brestovac50.-

1 - 50 of 260 places
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