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Distances from Nis

Distances from Nis to the largest cities and places in Serbia. Have a closer look at the distances from Nis to the largest places in Serbia.

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Distances from Nis to the largest places in Serbia
Dolac naselje Dolac naselje1.85525 km 15 mishow
Prokuplje Prokuplje2.27,67327 km 17 mishow
Vodice Vodice3.28930 km 19 mishow
Bela Voda Bela Voda4.25231 km 19 mishow
Cukovac Čukovac5.36832 km 20 mishow
Gubetin Gubetin6.32434 km 21 mishow
Potocic Potočić7.32434 km 21 mishow
Glasovik Glasovik8.38235 km 22 mishow
Donja Toponica Donja Toponica9.48836 km 22 mishow
Drenovac Drenovac10.12736 km 22 mishow
Miljkovica Miljkovica11.19236 km 23 mishow
Leskovac Leskovac12.94,75837 km 23 mishow
Smrdan Smrdan13.12137 km 23 mishow
Zitni Potok Žitni Potok14.81037 km 23 mishow
Gornja Toponica Gornja Toponica15.11638 km 24 mishow
Bregovina Bregovina16.15438 km 24 mishow
Prekadin Prekadin17.25839 km 24 mishow
Knjazevac Knjazevac18.25,00039 km 24 mishow
Gornja Bejasnica Gornja Bejašnica19.14139 km 24 mishow
Kondzelj Kondželj20.22240 km 25 mishow
Sismanovac Šišmanovac21.15840 km 25 mishow
Gornje Trnjane Gornje Trnjane22.28041 km 25 mishow
Pestis Pestiš23.12341 km 26 mishow
Donja Konjusa Donja Konjuša24.50841 km 26 mishow
Magas Magaš25.34241 km 26 mishow
Gornja Konjusa Gornja Konjuša26.13442 km 26 mishow
Donji Statovac Donji Statovac27.17842 km 26 mishow
Beloljin Beloljin28.76942 km 26 mishow
Dragi Deo Dragi Deo29.17542 km 26 mishow
Gornji Statovac Gornji Statovac30.10343 km 27 mishow
Trnovi Laz Trnovi Laz31.15743 km 27 mishow
Siroke Njive Široke Njive32.13643 km 27 mishow
Krusevica Kruševica33.13343 km 27 mishow
Vica Viča34.12743 km 27 mishow
Tulare Tulare35.53344 km 27 mishow
Dobra Voda Dobra Voda36.20044 km 27 mishow
Lazarevac Lazarevac37.17945 km 28 mishow
Donje Tocane Donje Točane38.30846 km 29 mishow
Plocnik Pločnik39.32646 km 29 mishow
Arbanaska Arbanaška40.16647 km 29 mishow
Tovrljane Tovrljane41.25347 km 29 mishow
Bace Bace42.50947 km 29 mishow
Suvi Do Suvi Do43.60547 km 29 mishow
Brezovica Brezovica44.1,00047 km 29 mishow
Dedinac Dedinac45.30447 km 29 mishow
Barlovo Barlovo46.16347 km 29 mishow
Bogujevac Bogujevac47.15147 km 29 mishow
Kaludra Kaludra48.14948 km 30 mishow
Vlasovo Vlasovo49.22649 km 30 mishow
Grabovnica Grabovnica50.23849 km 30 mishow

1 - 50 of 444 places
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