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Distances from Novi Pazar

Distances from Novi Pazar to the largest cities and places in Serbia. Have a closer look at the distances from Novi Pazar to the largest places in Serbia.

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Distances from Novi Pazar to the largest places in Serbia
Sokolovica Sokolovica1.1,02218 km 11 mishow
Osjecenik Osječenik2.1,43053 km 33 mishow
Sokolovo Brdo Sokolovo Brdo3.1,26157 km 36 mishow
Vrnjacka Banja Vrnjačka Banja4.10,20763 km 39 mishow
Visoka Visoka5.30363 km 39 mishow
Pepeljevac Pepeljevac6.31865 km 40 mishow
Krcmare Krčmare7.34365 km 41 mishow
Tmava Tmava8.46365 km 41 mishow
Rudare Rudare9.36765 km 41 mishow
Belo Polje Belo Polje10.22566 km 41 mishow
Vrsevac Vrševac11.23266 km 41 mishow
Novo Selo Novo Selo12.16066 km 41 mishow
Trstenik Trstenik13.49,04367 km 41 mishow
Maricice Maričiće14.10967 km 42 mishow
Kraljevo Kraljevo15.82,84667 km 42 mishow
Kaludra Kaludra16.14967 km 42 mishow
Suvi Do Suvi Do17.60568 km 42 mishow
Bace Bace18.50968 km 42 mishow
Kosmaca Kosmača19.26268 km 42 mishow
Brezovica Brezovica20.1,00068 km 42 mishow
Barlovo Barlovo21.16369 km 43 mishow
Grabovnica Grabovnica22.23869 km 43 mishow
Bogujevac Bogujevac23.15169 km 43 mishow
Plocnik Pločnik24.32669 km 43 mishow
Donje Tocane Donje Točane25.30870 km 43 mishow
Lazarevac Lazarevac26.17970 km 43 mishow
Veliko Pupavce Veliko Pupavce27.15370 km 44 mishow
Dedinac Dedinac28.30471 km 44 mishow
Mehane Mehane29.14371 km 44 mishow
Tulare Tulare30.53371 km 44 mishow
Vica Viča31.12772 km 45 mishow
Beloljin Beloljin32.76973 km 45 mishow
Tovrljane Tovrljane33.25373 km 45 mishow
Donja Konjusa Donja Konjuša34.50874 km 46 mishow
Gornja Konjusa Gornja Konjuša35.13474 km 46 mishow
Prolom Prolom36.20074 km 46 mishow
Kondzelj Kondželj37.22275 km 47 mishow
Trnovi Laz Trnovi Laz38.15775 km 47 mishow
Arbanaska Arbanaška39.16676 km 47 mishow
Sismanovac Šišmanovac40.15876 km 47 mishow
Krusevica Kruševica41.13376 km 47 mishow
Prekadin Prekadin42.25876 km 47 mishow
Arilje Arilje43.6,76276 km 48 mishow
Gornja Bejasnica Gornja Bejašnica44.14178 km 48 mishow
Gornja Toponica Gornja Toponica45.11678 km 48 mishow
Siroke Njive Široke Njive46.13678 km 49 mishow
Pestis Pestiš47.12378 km 49 mishow
Vlasovo Vlasovo48.22678 km 49 mishow
Smrdan Smrdan49.12179 km 49 mishow
Drenovac Drenovac50.12779 km 49 mishow

1 - 50 of 444 places
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