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Places within 15 km around Topola

Browse all places in Serbia within a radius of 15 km around Topola.

66 places found in Serbia within 15 km around Topola.

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Places 15 km around Topola

Places 15 km around Topola

66 places found in Serbia within 15 km around Topola.
Places in the regional area of Topola
Ljube Selo Ljube Selo-2.2 km 1.4 mishow
Bozurnja Božurnja-2.7 km 1.7 mishow
Lipovac Lipovac-3.5 km 2.2 mishow
Blagojevici Blagojevići-3.7 km 2.3 mishow
Zabare Žabare-3.8 km 2.4 mishow
Riznica Kraj Riznica Kraj-4.2 km 2.6 mishow
Krcevac Krćevac-5.2 km 3.3 mishow
Banja Banja-5.6 km 3.5 mishow
Gorovic Gorovič-5.6 km 3.5 mishow
Katanici Katanići-5.6 km 3.5 mishow
Vinca Vinča-5.7 km 3.6 mishow
Nedeljkovici Nedeljkovići-5.8 km 3.6 mishow
Marinovac Marinovac-6.5 km 4.0 mishow
Junkovac Junkovac-6.7 km 4.2 mishow
Zabare Žabare-6.9 km 4.3 mishow
Plaskovac Plaskovac-7.2 km 4.5 mishow
Zagorica Zagorica-7.4 km 4.6 mishow
Ovsiste Ovsište-7.4 km 4.6 mishow
Zabrezje Zabrežje-7.5 km 4.7 mishow
Cetvorski Kraj Četvorski Kraj-7.7 km 4.8 mishow
Brezovac Brezovac-7.7 km 4.8 mishow
Sume Šume-8.1 km 5.0 mishow
Svabici Svabići-8.2 km 5.1 mishow
Belosavci Belosavci-8.6 km 5.4 mishow
Gornja Satornja Gornja Šatornja-8.7 km 5.4 mishow
Maslosevo Masloševo-8.8 km 5.5 mishow
Sumorina Sumorina-8.8 km 5.5 mishow
Lipar Lipar-8.9 km 5.5 mishow
Donja Satornja Donja Šatornja-9.3 km 5.8 mishow
Pavlovac Pavlovac-9.4 km 5.8 mishow
Rajkovac Rajkovac-9.5 km 5.9 mishow
Natalinci Natalinci-9.7 km 6.0 mishow
Kamenar Kamenar-9.7 km 6.0 mishow
Jelenac Jelenac-9.8 km 6.1 mishow
Kloka Kloka-9.9 km 6.2 mishow
Kopljare Kopljare-10.0 km 6.2 mishow
Maskar Maskar-10.0 km 6.2 mishow
Donja Tresnjevica Donja Trešnjevica-10.1 km 6.3 mishow
Gornja Trnava Gornja Trnava-10.1 km 6.3 mishow
Palilula Palilula-10.5 km 6.5 mishow
Donja Trnava Donja Trnava-10.7 km 6.6 mishow
Vrbica Vrbica-10.8 km 6.7 mishow
Stragari Stragari-11.4 km 7.1 mishow
Arangelovac Aranđelovac24,30911.4 km 7.1 mishow
Orasac Orašac-11.4 km 7.1 mishow
Vlakca Vlakča-11.5 km 7.1 mishow
Vukosavci Vukosavci-11.7 km 7.3 mishow
Beljevac Beljevac-11.8 km 7.3 mishow
Manojlovci Manojlovci-12.0 km 7.4 mishow
Cucage Cučage-12.1 km 7.5 mishow
Sepci Sepci-12.1 km 7.5 mishow
Svetlic Svetlić-12.9 km 8.0 mishow
Gornja Tresnjevica Gornja Trešnjevica-12.9 km 8.0 mishow
Rabrovac Rabrovac-13.0 km 8.1 mishow
Jarmenovci Jarmenovci-13.3 km 8.3 mishow
Petrovac Petrovac-13.4 km 8.3 mishow
Saranovo Saranovo-13.4 km 8.3 mishow
Vrlaja Vrlaja-13.5 km 8.4 mishow
Vatosevo Vatoševo-14.1 km 8.7 mishow
Jagnjilo Jagnjilo-14.2 km 8.8 mishow
Markovac Markovac-14.2 km 8.9 mishow
Cumic Čumić-14.3 km 8.9 mishow
Stojnik Stojnik-14.3 km 8.9 mishow
Strazevica Straževica-14.3 km 8.9 mishow
Basin Bašin-14.4 km 8.9 mishow
Vujica Kraj Vujića Kraj-14.6 km 9.1 mishow

You can reduce or expand the radius of your search of places around Topola: 5 km10 km