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Distances from Novi Sad

Distances from Novi Sad to the largest cities and places in Serbia. Have a closer look at the distances from Novi Sad to the largest places in Serbia.

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Distances from Novi Sad to the largest places in Serbia
Petrovaradin Petrovaradin1.13,9173.4 km 2.1 mishow
Veternik Veternik2.10,2266.1 km 3.8 mishow
Rumenka Rumenka3.4,3678.7 km 5.4 mishow
Sremski Karlovci Sremski Karlovci4.8,8399.4 km 5.8 mishow
Kisac Kisač5.1,54514.2 km 8.8 mishow
Kovilj Kovilj6.5,27914.7 km 9.2 mishow
Vrdnik Vrdnik7.3,70414.9 km 9.3 mishow
Krusedol Krušedol8.21118 km 11 mishow
Cortanovci Čortanovci9.1,85318 km 11 mishow
Durdevo Ðurđevo10.4,66820 km 12 mishow
Sajkas Šajkaš11.3,54120 km 12 mishow
Stepanovicevo Stepanovićevo12.1,99921 km 13 mishow
Glozan Gložan13.2,48721 km 13 mishow
Irig Irig14.4,84822 km 14 mishow
Zabalj Žabalj15.8,50322 km 14 mishow
Beska Beška16.6,37723 km 14 mishow
Backi Petrovac Bački Petrovac17.7,22923 km 14 mishow
Gardinovci Gardinovci18.1,51524 km 15 mishow
Celarevo Čelarevo19.5,01725 km 15 mishow
Vilovo Vilovo20.1,08925 km 16 mishow
Zmajevo Zmajevo21.4,54725 km 16 mishow
Kulpin Kulpin22.3,20726 km 16 mishow
Krcedin Krčedin23.2,87726 km 16 mishow
Mosorin Mošorin24.2,48327 km 17 mishow
Jarkovci Jarkovci25.36427 km 17 mishow
Maglic Maglić26.2,73327 km 17 mishow
Ruma Ruma27.32,22927 km 17 mishow
Ravno Selo Ravno Selo28.3,57428 km 17 mishow
Ljukovo Ljukovo29.1,19129 km 18 mishow
Lok Lok30.1,50930 km 18 mishow
Ingija Inđija31.26,24730 km 18 mishow
Curug Čurug32.9,23131 km 19 mishow
Putinci Putinci33.3,07531 km 19 mishow
Sasinci Šašinci34.1,98333 km 20 mishow
Novi Karlovci Novi Karlovci35.3,05033 km 21 mishow
Despotovo Despotovo36.2,07734 km 21 mishow
Novi Slankamen Novi Slankamen37.3,21035 km 21 mishow
Golubinci Golubinci38.4,51035 km 21 mishow
Backo Gradiste Bačko Gradište39.5,76435 km 22 mishow
Backa Palanka Bačka Palanka40.29,44935 km 22 mishow
Stari Slankamen Stari Slankamen41.63835 km 22 mishow
Sremska Mitrovica Sremska Mitrovica42.39,08435 km 22 mishow
Titel Titel43.6,22736 km 23 mishow
Macvanska Mitrovica Mačvanska Mitrovica44.3,66137 km 23 mishow
Taras Taraš45.1,32837 km 23 mishow
Jarak Jarak46.2,09238 km 23 mishow
Knicanin Knićanin47.2,22638 km 24 mishow
Vrbas Vrbas48.25,90739 km 24 mishow
Obrovac Obrovac49.3,10039 km 24 mishow
Stara Pazova Stara Pazova50.16,21739 km 24 mishow

1 - 50 of 444 places
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